The consultation

LFB will be undertaking a full and robust programme of public consultation for these proposals.

Community Liaison Group

A Community Liaison Group has been set up to discuss the proposals with local residents and stakeholders. The Community Liaison Group will provide the opportunity for its members, as community stakeholders and representatives of the area, to be informed of the emerging proposals and to offer direct feedback to LFB.

The first Community Liaison Group was held on 14 September 2017. More information on the Community Liaison Group will be provided on this page, including a full minute of each meeting held.

Public Exhibition

A Public Exhibition was held on Thursday 23 November and Saturday 25 November, to show the proposals to the wider community and understand the thoughts of local residents. LFB will carefully consider all feedback received at the Public Exhibition, and will use it to inform the proposals as they progress.

To view the exhibition boards as displayed at the exhibition, click on the image below. To submit your feedback, please fill in the form on the Contact us page.