The proposals

It is proposed that part of the Croydon Fire Station site is redeveloped to provide an improved training centre in south London, to allow firefighters to develop their skills and competency in dealing with a range of situations.

Real Fire Training Venue

To allow firefighters to develop the skills necessary to deal with incidents in tall buildings, we are proposing to build a 6-storey Real Fire Training Venue (RFTV). This facility will feature real fires in an enclosed and controlled environment, designed to replicate the conditions for a fire in a tall building.

We have developed similar facilities in east London (Beckton) and north west London (Park Royal), and now hope to provide a complementary facility in Croydon. London is getting taller every year, and our response is to try to provide our staff – and other emergency services in south London – with easy access to crucial training.

Training Centre

We intend to upgrade the training facilities already on the site, which are no longer fit for purpose, into a new state-of-the-art training centre. This will include new classrooms, practical and simulation training spaces, meeting rooms, and an Incident Command Unit simulator to provide scenario based training.

Open to the Community

To strengthen the connection between LFB and the local community, the redevelopment will include rooms open for community use. We will be consulting with local residents and a range of stakeholder groups and organisations to understand how the facility can help meet community needs.

If you represent a community group and would like to enquire about use of the public rooms in the future, get in touch using the form on the ‘Contact us’ page.

The Fire Station

Croydon Fire Station will remain operational during and after construction of the proposed training facilities.